Island Glo Skin Milk Toner

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Our Island Glass Skin Milk Toner is a special elixir designed to elevate your skincare routine to new heights of luminosity. Infused with nourishing ingredients of Alpha arbutin,  mulberry,  vitamin C, niacinamide and white tea extract and rice toner extract. Our toner is crafted to deliver the coveted glass skin effect.

Immerse your skin in a symphony of hydration as the toner's milky texture glides seamlessly, leaving behind a veil of moisture. Packed with skin-loving components, it refines and balances your complexion, promoting a smooth and translucent glow. Embrace the radiant transformation with each application, as our Glass Skin Milk Toner becomes your go-to secret for achieving that coveted, dewy finish. Elevate your skincare ritual and let your skin shine with a luminosity that reflects the epitome of glass-like perfection.

Ingredients include:

Alpha arbutin , mulberry extract,  niacinamide powder,  Vitamin C  extract,  white tea extract,  Allantoin Powder, perservative,  water, Chamomile Hydrosol,  


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