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Okay okay don't hate me........ It's been Two months into the new year already and time  has passed by so quickly, I completely missed out on our list of my favorite things. But we are back baby by popular demand. So let's get it started in here. February is the month of LOVE. Some of us have the love and some of us are still looking for the love. But whatever love comes our way  we should understand that in life we don't need someone to love us or something to love us, we must learn  to Love ourselves first, and then be able to accept love from others period. So With that being said let's get to my list of self love products.

1. If you know me I love smelling sweet. So my favorite body spray for the month of love is BODYCOLOGY in sweet cotton candy. This would have their mouth watering and everyone around you saying something smells so good ,then you do your model pivet turn and say that's me with a smile. When I say everyone I mean everyone this is a winner and it is only about $5.00 at target or Walmart. P.s. please leave some on the self for me. Thank you

2. Need that extra glow and shine try Maybelline's master chrome highlighter in molten gold. Yes child this is a drug store highlighter and I have tried evey highlighter in the book lol. from the least expensive to the most expensive I have no shame. This is the best I have used and I usually buy them by the 3's . Again ladies and gentleman leave some for me on the shelves. Thank You very much.

3. You want great skin at a low price try Avon's Moisture Therapy. This stuff is great. Soft skin, healing theraphy and repairs your  dry skin in a instant. My sister swears by it so my son and I went in her room and borrowed the cream and we never gave it 😃 lol . I ran out and now we are feeling the heat I am going to buy this by the loads. Again Again what did I say leave some for me Please Please Please.

4. Stila Cosmetics have these glitter eyeshadows that makes your eyes go from dull to va va voom. I only tried one color in smoldering satin, but every time I use it I love it and I certainly get a lot of compliments on my eyes. It is really pretty these glitter eyeshadow gives your eyes a wet look without to  much glitter ,but it does have the glitter. If you know what I mean.

5.for the lips I went to sephora and got Laneige lip sleeping mask. Put this  bad boy on at night and the next morning you will wake up to soft soft beautiful lips. I wear a lot of matte lipsticks so I need my lips to be extra soft and smooth for my matte lip application. This lip mask really works. I Usually scrub my lips with sugar and honey and apply this lip mask before I go to sleep and in the morning I am ready for whatever lip products I will be using for the day.

So that sums it up for now, It was a long wait as you know but  life happens. And we will continue to give our favorites, uplifting each other in love, respect, and just getting through life one day a time.

P.S. it is always easy to down a next person but let's make a change and uplift each other in love and focus on being  positive.

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