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On this Thanksgiving🦃 2018 we all have a lot to be Thankful for....This year I am Thankful for God, life and Family. Let's first talk about Having God in our life. I think a good foundation to having a good life is to have your belief in God, without him we are nothing and we have nothing.God is our number one fan he believes in us through the good and bad  he would never steer you wrong.God is in us and around us everyday, so always represent your better self because you represent the most high and his name is GOD. Everyday you wake up and  see another day remember he made that happen So always be Thankful for Having GOD in your life. He is Awesome.

With having that foundation of God we must appreciate the life we live. Stay pure stay humble and learn to love yourself first. You have to love yourself before you can love anybody else. Love life always know you make your destiny and then you leave the rest in God's hand and let him show you the way. Life is certainly what you make it.

And I am Thankful for my Family. I was chosen to be a part of this family and oh boy am I Thankful. We rise together, we pray together we eat together we vacation together and we are inseparable. We gather together and its like a festival. I am so proud of all the members of my family because we support each other through this gift called life, given to us by God. So on this Thanksgiving 2018 I just want to say Thank You God for life,family,friends, supporters and and just being able to wake every day and living the best  life that I can  with the family I love. Thank You for my son, my parents, my step daughter,my sisters,my aunts,my uncles,my sons side of the family,friends,clients,and supporters Happy Thanksgiving🦃🦃🦃🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😘😘 


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