Dressing Sexy In Your 40's

Posted by Kisha Hall on

As a woman in my 40's (45 to be exact) and I don't hide my age ever never  ever ever short people really don't ... At this point in life we think we are Sexy and we know it, but my son thinks that I am from a whole different generation and I have never been young before🤔🤔 blah blah "mommy this is not like back in your days" really my boy I could teach you a thing or two about life. These youngsters huh. I have thought about being sexy at my age, what to wear and what not to wear? Some people my age say wear whatever you want you are grown and some say you are to old for that. For me 20's were daring, 30's I was still trying to find out about myself, but my 40's I feel sexy and sophisticated. In my 40's I took my best assets and played it up. And to me my best assets at 45 is confidence🤗🤗🤗. Say cheese. No one can say you are ugly, you are to fat , your nose is big I don't give a crap because I have Confidence and I have learned to love myself, flaws and all. And if I don't like something child their are doctors out there for that now a days. So I wear what makes me feel confident about my self makeup everyday, mini skirt the next day , skin out tomorrow. As  long as I feel confident and sophisticated in my skin , I wear what I feel and want at 45.

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