5 Things I Can't Live Without This Week

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So as another week goes bye bye, in big letters BYE SEE YOU LATER. I have noticed I am obsessed with a few things this  week.. For one Starbucks Caramel Fappacinno' s ARE TO DIE FOR. recently i noticed that soy milk is my best friend ,hooray for me, really watching everyone walking with their ice coffee and feeling so jealous, but no more soy soy soy is my best friend as  we walk hand and cup out of work together into the sunset.

My second thing I can't live without is my Dr. bronners 18 in 1 Peppermint Soap. This stuff is amazing. I use it  because I had a lot of breakouts on the side of my face, but since using Dr. bronners on my face  twice a day  I hardly get any pimples or breakouts. Besides on  my face, I wash and cleanse my hair with Dr Bronners 18 and 1, it definitely cleanses  my hair squeaky clean, lets say Amen for that because dreads can be hard too maintain and wash clean.

My third favorite is Seltzer Water, for people who have known me for years soda was my life awwwwwwwwww, but I tried to give it up seeing diabetes ran in my family and the sugar intake was no good. Soda is an addiction you can't just stop so I turned to seltzer Water, still needed that gas but without that sweet sugar taste I don't know if drinking seltzer Water is okay but hey it ain't sweet.

Fourth favorite, let's see well , who can forget about my makeup. From the foundation, highlighters, sacha under eye powders there is no room, no room for all that makeup I tell you. I have a makeup addiction problem I just can't stop, someone help me ,help me please. OK enough of that because  you saw some  pictures in last weeks blog and thats not even the beginning of it.

And last and not least I am going to cheat here and give you two. My YSL Card Holder and my Rhinestone Fanny Pack. Yes girl I said fanny pack and that  is what is in now a days. The card holder is so convenient just pop your debit card , credit card and store cards and go. Drop those thing in your fanny pack and you are out. That rhinestone fanny pack would have you sexy to the tee. So there you have it I really do have so much more favorites, but until next time bye Glam family  in big Letters.

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