Karibbean Smoothie Body Scrub

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Transform your shower routine with our exfoliating Karibbean Smoothie body scrub, the key to smooth, radiant skin is Our body smoothies.  Our skincare scrubs are designed to exfoliate and smooth your skin, ours typically contain  sugar, or coffee grounds, mixed with oils or other moisturizing ingredients.
When massaged onto your skin, our smoothies,  helps remove dead skin helps to brighten  skin. And also can promote skin turnover, reducing dark spots over time which leads to 
  promoting a smoother and softer texture of skin. Body scrubs on the hold , when you use them can also enhance circulation and may leave the skin with a refreshed glow.. After using our body smoothie scrub, follow up with our Karibbean Kouture body luxe cream to keep your skin irresistibly smooth.

important to use body scrubs in moderation, as excessive exfoliation can irritate the skin. Incorporate them into your skincare routine it's a must.
Ingredients include:
 butter soap 
kokum butter 
gel base
African Ghana white soap 
 foaming soap base 
tumeric extract 
Aztec clay
 glow serum

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